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   Hello, I'm Malcolm Tempest and I started my business in the late 1960's. Since then the company has been carrying out design work throughout the British Countryside. We are designers of new buildings and also undertake a range of conservation and diversification work for both businesses and individuals.

   As you will see, we deal with everything from the serious to the frivolous. We like to think we have good old fashioned values and we carry on the countryside traditions. Like all businesses we have to do it for the money, but we have fun too, and we hope our customers share in that.

  • We work throughout the British Isles.

  • We undertake from the smallest to the largest of projects

  • We offer a site visit/rough design service. Usually no more than a days work with no further obligation.

  • We can then proceed to design - using pictorial methods to aid understanding.

  • We deal with planning permission, listed building consent and building regulations applications

We don't do ordinary!

   Architectural projects often involve working together for some considerable time, so it is important that the customer, the designer and everyone involved in the project are compatible. Our aim is to make the process as enjoyable as possible for the whole team. High pressure schedules and unrealistic  budgets are not for us. Our task is to help formulate development and design ideas, illustrating them in imaginative ways so as to help secure support and permissions, and to go on to achieve results which give lasting pleasure to both user and owner.

Who We Are

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